Photoflyer Mini

The Photoflyer MINI is our smallest size in the range, half the size of the Photoflyer WIDE. A super cute and incredibly handy credit card-size. The instax mini 70 is sweet – in the clever and oh-so-stylish sense. Jam-packed with fantastic must-try features, this awesome, compact instant camera may be light in weight but not in power.


+ Mini size
+ Pure analogue, no digital copies
+ Super cute and incredibly handy credit card-size

How it works

Photoflyer Instant Promo-kit

Get started right away with this do it yourself kit! Our handy instruction video will teach you how to operate the instant camera within minutes. The Photoflyers will be ready in a flash thanks to our easy-use folding system®. Quick and easy to implement in your events. Anytime and anywhere, to maximize your 1-on-1 contact with your target group.

Photoflyer Instant Promo-kit includes:

+ Photoflyers (branded sticker frames)
+ Instax film
+ Instax camera
+ Free concepting
+ Design support & DTP check
+ Photoflyer promo bag
+ Instruction video

Optional additions:

+ Leather camera case
+ Photoflyer design by our design studio

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